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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is a time for blooming flowers, baby animals, warm weather and spring cleaning! Check out this list to help get you started.

Ways to Better Your Community

Serving others can help the recipient feel happier, but it can have the same effect on you too! Here are 60 ideas for Community Service projects. https://bit.ly/3cyzUh3

DIY Fixes For House Problems

Looking for a weekend project? Try these DIY fixes for pesky house problems! https://bit.ly/3gIyzHL

How to Make Your Home a Guest Favorite

Do you have any guests staying for the long weekend? Check out these helpful tips to prepare for their arrival. https://bit.ly/3eAyEuU

Megaplex Theaters – Private Family Screenings

Movies are coming back…sort of! Megaplex Theaters are set to roll movies for private family screenings. https://bit.ly/2z88h0F

Small and Smart DIY’s for Your Home

These tricks are simple but can make a big difference in your home!


5 Steps to Keep Your Neighborhood Safe

Cleaning Your Light Bulbs

10 Ways to be a Better Neighbor

It’s important to have a relationship with your neighbors, especially right now when everyone can use a friend. Here are 10 ways to get you started. https://bit.ly/36remBu

Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Do Regularly

Sometimes the upkeep of your home can be a bit stressful. Maybe you’ve thought, “There’s so much to do! Where do I even start?” Here is an awesome guide that can help you know which home maintenance tasks to prioritize. https://bit.ly/3bi0OJe

How to Properly Wear And Care For Face Masks.


100 DIY Cheap & Easy Ideas

Looking for something to spice up your place but you don’t want to break the bank? Head to this blog for 100 cheap DIY decor ideas. https://bit.ly/3geMhBY

Water Gardens Cinema 6 Converts into a Drive-in

Who else is missing going to the movie theater, eating popcorn and enjoying a great film? Water Garden Theaters in Pleasant Grove is now showing movies drive-in style. This way you can get the theater experience, while social distancing. Tonight you can watch Little Rascals, Pitch Perfect or ET. Head to their website for the showtimes. https://bit.ly/36lmRxR

How to Easily Organize Your Closet

When is the last time you organized your closet? Here is an awesome step-by-step guide to help you out.


50 Things to Send to Your Pen Pal

This worldwide pandemic is preventing us from hanging out with our favorite people. While FaceTime and phone calls are a great form of communication, have you considered sending your love via mail? Here are 50 great ideas to get you started!


How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

This blog is a great resource for tips on making a small room look bigger. These suggestions are also inexpensive, which is always a bonus! 😁


40 Things You Should Do During Self-Quarantine

Check out these 40 different ideas to help maintain your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


Utah’s Transition From Red to Orange

Today Utah will transition from high risk to moderate risk. This does not mean all restrictions have been lifted. Only certain businesses are approved to reopen, but they are taking extreme precautions. For more details click on the link to the KSL article below. https://bit.ly/2WewklS

Historic Sites Offering Virtual Tours

We’re blessed with modern technology that is helping keep up entertained while the Stay Home Order is in place. Take advantage of these virtual tours while you still can. https://wapo.st/2WiWFz8

Best Podcasts of 2020

Are you running out of fresh new ideas on how to spend your free time during stay-at-home orders? Check out this link and see which podcast you’ll listen to next! https://bit.ly/2KGvPf7

Gratitude Journal Benefits

Head to the link below to learn more about how keeping a gratitude journal has been scientifically proven to increase your health. https://bit.ly/3bMLgyh

ABCs of Happiness

Very important to remember the ABC’s of Happiness.

First-Aid Kit Essentials

Looking for something to do today? When is the last time you updated your first aid kid? Here is an easy guide to help. 

Disney Bedtime Hotline

If you call, your children can hear a special goodnight message from one of five different Disney characters. Don’t miss out this ends a week from today.

Managing Stress and Anxiety During Covid-19

Head to this link for more helpful tips: https://bit.ly/34UTz8o 😁

15 Zoo & Aquarium Live-streams

Can’t get out to the zoo? No problem, the zoos & aquariums are coming to you! Check out these 15 ways to check in on our friends from the animal kingdom. 

26 On-Stage Plays You Can Watch From Home

Looking for something to do this weekend? You can enjoy on-stage plays without leaving your house! Click the link to find out how: https://bit.ly/3eKQtbL

Habits We Should All Continue After Covid-19

When the pandemic is over, we should keep some of these great habits we’ve strengthened during this crisis. 

Fitness Studios and Gyms Offering Live-Stream Workouts

Are you missing the gym right about now? Check out this link for some free workouts to get your body moving! 💪 https://bit.ly/2KaHin0

Utah Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Are you running out of ideas to keep you sane during the lock down? This virtual scavenger hunt starts Thursday, April 16th at 8 AM and lasts for three days. Not only can you win cash prizes, but you can stay home while you do it. This can be a great activity for the family. https://bit.ly/2Vw9qWH

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home

Are you taking the proper steps to disinfect your home? Here are some handy tips to help take care of your home during COVID-19.  https://bit.ly/CDC_Home_Disinfection

Work From Home Jobs Hiring During The Covid-19 Crisis

These are difficult times with many Americans finding themselves out of work. We’ve found a great resource with work-from-home jobs to help you or a loved one who is looking for work from home. https://bit.ly/2VKwNMD

33 National Park Tours You Take From Home

Can’t get out for Spring Break? Try taking a virtual trip to one or a few of these national parks! https://bit.ly/3emHkWx

10 Ways to Organize Your Home Office

Is your home office still not set up? We have some useful tips to help you get your office set up in no time.  bit.ly/organizehomeoffice


10 Cute Indoor Dates

Date night doesn’t need to stop just cause you can’t leave. We have some fantastic indoor date night ideas.  bit.ly/indoordatenight

33 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Spending a little more time at home? Here are some helpful tips to help you get a jump on spring cleaning.  https://bit.ly/33SpringCleaning

11 Quick Tips For Working From Home With Children

Many Utahans were thrown into the world of telecommuting overnight. And although there are many great things about working from home there are also some challenges. Here are a few tips we found to help the experience go a little more smoothly. https://bit.ly/2z4vBfg

6 Homeschooling Tips For Amateurs

Many families are trying to navigate these changing times and finding themselves in uncharted territory. With school kids heading into online learning this week, head to this link for some helpful tips: https://bit.ly/3crLMlj