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Get Involved

Why get involved?

Your community, is just that, your community. You can help make it a great place to live. If there are things you love about your community, you can help protect them. You can also be a proactive voice for things you want to see changed. Here are some ways to get involved:

Attend annual meetings and events

Get to know your community members and board. Be involved and communicate your ideas.


Support your community by participating in activities, committees or areas of need. Your HOA may be looking for extra hands and is a great way to get to know your community and see if a larger commitment is right for you.


Not sure if you have time to be a board member but still want to get involved? See how you can get involved with a committee. Opportunities might include event planning, research, surveys, homeowner communications, etc. 

The Board

Help implement change, uphold policies, and ensure your community is ready for the future. This can be a significant time commitment but also a rewarding experience. 

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