“What payment options are available?”

We offer a variety of payment options, all of which are detailed when you log into your homeowner portal online.

1. Phone Payments:  These are done via Paylease for a fee (credit / debit cards and echeck). (All Paylease payments HAVE SERVICE FEES associated with them).

2. Credit / Debit Card Payments: These may be paid online or over the phone via Paylease (All Paylease payments HAVE SERVICE FEES associated with them).

3. Checks / Money Order Payments: These may be mailed to the payment processing center or delivered by hand to our office locations (NO SERVICE FEES). Please be certain all payments are made payable to the correct association name and must include your five (5) digit account number.

Payment Processing Center Address:

Please log in to your Owner Portal for the correct Payment Processing Center address for your association.

Hand Delivery Address:

Please go to hoaliving.com/contact-us for office locations.

4. ECheck Payments: These are made directly through the owner portal (https://portal.hoaliving.com). (NO SERVICE FEES).

5. Autopay / ACH Payments: These types of payments can be setup through the owner portal (https://portal.hoaliving.com). This is the preferred recurring payment method because it will automatically adjust when assessments change or special assessments are due (NO SERVICE FEES). AutoPay is pulled on the 10th of each month. Changes or cancellations need to be requested by the 5th of the month.

6. Recurring Payments:  Checking/savings payments may be setup through the owner portal (https://portal.hoaliving.com). Recurring payments may also be setup through Paylease for credit/debit cards or echecks with no expiration date (Paylease payments DO HAVE SERVICE FEES associated with them). Recurring payments are set amounts which DO NOT automatically adjust.

7. Paypal Payments: This is accepted online, through the homeowner portal, only via Paylease (Paylease payments DO HAVE SERVICE FEES associated with them). Your association cannot accept Paypal payments over the phone.

8. Cash Payments: Your association does not accept cash at any office locations and cash should never be mailed. You may take cash to various businesses that issue money orders (like 7‐11’s) and may make your payments via money order (like a check payment). However, money orders are very difficult to track if lost.

“Do you accept payments over the phone?”

Your association is able to accept credit and debit cards as well as echeck payments over the phone for a small service fee. Your association offers several free payment options detailed online.

“Why is there a fee for payments made over the phone?”

Multiple free payment options available, however, there is a cost associated with the systems and security necessary to process payments via the phone. Your association budgets are based on the full assessment and therefore the association must collect an additional service fee for these optional payment choices.

“What is Paylease?”

Paylease is a convenient, easy to use, and secure payment processing partner. Payments made via Paylease online or over the phone will be reflected on homeowner accounts the next business day but will be dated the day the payment was initiated.

“How do I sign up for eStatements?”

Click here for instructions on how to sign up for eStatements.