Fire Safety During the Holidays

Did you know most home fires happen in December, January, and February? Over one-third of home fire deaths in the US happen within these winter months. That’s a scary fact! Here are some helpful safety tips to keep in mind this holiday season.

Cooking Tips:

– While cooking, be alert and aware of food being heated. Don’t forget to turn off the heat once your meal is complete!

– If you have a grease fire don’t use water because it will spread the flames faster. Turn off the heat and cover the pot with a lid. You can use a fire extinguisher, as well as baking soda to put out the fire. Call 911.

 Christmas Tree Safety:

– Place your tree at least three feet away from any heat source such as: heater, vents, candles, and fireplaces. Make sure your tree is near an outlet so the cords aren’t running long distances.

– Don’t use any string of lights with frayed or broken cords, or loose bulb connections.

– Don’t forget to unplug your Christmas tree lights at the end of the night and any time you leave the house.


– Be sure to blow out all the candles in your home before going to sleep or leaving the house.

– Candle holders should be on a sturdy surface, out of reach from children and pets.


– Always inspect fireplaces, furnaces, and chimney annually before the upcoming year.

– Furniture and other flammable items should be kept at least three feet from heat sources.

– Double check that all gas burning appliances are in good condition and burn clean.

– Install Carbon Monoxide alarms on each level of your home.