May 18 2011

FCS is Gephardt Approved

Bill Gephardt, former KUTV Channel 2 news investigative reporter, is now in the business of recommending good, honest and fair companies to the public. FCS has undergone a rigorous inspection and has been declared Gephardt Approved. FCS is now on a list of businesses Gephardt himself would patronize. “Using his decades of experience investigating fraud, Bill and his crack team of experts are working to ensure that businesses on this list always play fair.”

As part of the examination process, the Gephardt team examines good track records as well as official company records and court records. They “develop and follow leads, conduct interviews and learn from customer experiences. As a group (their) team determines whether the company consistently follows the law and treats customers fairly.” At the end of his interview with CEO Michael Johnson Gephardt declared, “…I trust FCS Community Management, and you know why I’m proud to endorse the company as Gephardt Approved.” Click here to read the entire article.

Gephardt’s goal to “bring good businesses together with confident consumers” and his consequent decision to categorize FCS among the good, honest and fair is a confident vote that FCS has earned through years of devoted service to customers and a strong employee work ethic. FCS is proud of its new Gephardt Approved affiliation and will live up to every standard the title implies.