Feb 18 2011

Christmas Service Projects, 2010

Sub for Santa gifts


FCS participated in The United Way’s Sub for Santa program in December, 2010. FCS assisted four families, including a total of 13 children who otherwise would not have enjoyed a Christmas. The United Way, with the help of volunteers, was able to provide Christmas gifts for 2,069 families with 5,663 children in 2010.          

Employees shopped for each child, fulfilling the United Way listed requirements of one book, two items of clothing and two toys. Requested gifts ranged from boots, winter clothing and games to mp3 players, cds, Legos, Transformers and more.  After purchasing and sorting various gifts, two employees had the opportunity of hand-delivering the Christmas gifts to each individual family.       

Carly Walker was one employee who had the privelege of delivering the gifts. She said, “The families were extremely appreciative. I could tell that it touched their hearts and made a big difference.”   

Walker said that one woman made a plate of tamales as a gesture of appreciation. “It was a very gratifying experience and it felt really good to see how much we were helping these families. It also warmed my heart to see how much our employees got involved,” said Walker.  “They took time out of their busy schedules to shop for these kids and spent extra money during a time of year that is usually more financially difficult.”   


Sub for Santa gifts


In addition to Sun for Santa, FCS held a fundraiser for a family who had recently lost their 6 week old son and needed help paying hospital and funeral expenses. FCS employees raised and donated $702.  Employees spent about 2 weeks collecting money from staff members, as well as friends and family. 
Walker said, “It was really awesome to see how much everyone gave, especially because the fundraiser was held at the same time as Sub for Santa, so our staff was already spending money on Christmas gifts, but they still found a way to donate $10, $20, even $70 in some cases. FCS has really caring and giving employees!”