Feb 17 2011

UCCAI Newsletter Revision

Michael Johnson, CEO of FCS, volunteered to give the UCCAI newsletter a major revision at the Annual Leadership Retreat in 2010.  Johnson found a new editor, provided story ideas and assigned writers to keep the newsletter timely and informative. Johnson and several FCS employees contributed hours of time and ideas to the upgraded, full-color, improved newsletter; which will prove an asset to UCCAI with its streamlined new design, informative article on timely industry topics and opportunities for ad revenue.

UCCAI, the Utah Chapter of Community Associations Institute, “serves the educational, business, and networking needs of community associations in the state of Utah.”

“Members include condominium, cooperative, and homeowner associations as well as those who provide services and products to those associations.

“The Utah Chapter has over 200 members including over 50 businesses, about 50 managers and about 100 Associations representing over 15,000 households. ”

FCS has been a member of UCCAI for over eight years. Several FCS employees hold positions of leadership and volunteer many hours of service to UCCAI: CEO Michael Johnson, former President of UCCAI, serves on the Legislative Action Committee and the Membership/Communications Committee. Sarah Crawford is on the Board of Directors serving as the President-Elect of the Board. She is also on the Events Committee. Jeremy Bailey is the Chairperson of the Events Committee.