Feb 13 2011

FCS Named Utah’s 16th Fastest Growing Company

SALT LAKE CITY – Oct. 22, 2007 – MountainWest Capital Network (MWCN), Utah’s premier business networking organization, held its 13th annual Utah 100 Awards Program on Monday, October 22 at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake, to honor the Utah’s 100 Fastest Growing companies, 15 Top Revenue Growth companies and 12 “Emerging Elitee” companies.

Awards in the 100 Fastest Growing category are based on percentage revenue increases from 2002 through 2006. Top Revenue Increase winners have the largest dollar amount of revenue growth over the same five-year measuring period. Emerging Elite companies are selected from among companies with less than five but more than two years of operation that show significant promise for future success.

Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. was this year’s keynote speaker and the awards were presented by Grant Nielsen of KSL Newsradio.

“The Utah 100 program is an important contribution to the Utah business community. It provides a forum for highlighting the achievements of both emerging and mature business and keeps the public informed about positive developments,” said Todd Leishman, Chairman of this year’s Utah 100 Program and a business attorney with the Salt Lake law firm of Durham Jones & Pinegar. “The Utah 100 award has become a prestigious recognition for our winners and has significant meaning to those who receive it. These awards will signify to the Utah business community, as well as those outside our state, that Utah continues to be a great place to do business.”

“FCS continues to grow at an exponential rate because of incredible employees offering a unique product in a growing industry,” said FCS Community Management CEO Michael Johnson. “We are well aware that extreme revenue growth is easier for young companies like FCS, however, professionally managing communities and doing it better than the competition is the reason we have jumped back up in this year’s Utah 100. As our company matures, FCS will focus on not only new revenue growth but also increased profitability by offering even better services and quality of services to our clients.”

2007 Rankings
Utah 100 – Fastest Growth Companies

1 Doba
2 Cavanagh Services Group, Inc.
3 EnvironMax, Inc.
4 ACULIS, Inc.
5 ClearLink
6 AdvancedMD Software, Inc.
7 OMNI Brokerage
8 ExpressTech Holdings, Inc
9 Finicity (formerly In2M)
10 Omniture, Inc.
11 Candle Warmers Etc. Inc.
12 White Dot Solutions, Inc.
13 Sewell Direct
14 Eliot Management Group, LLC
15 Namifiers, LLC
16 FCS Community Management
17 Fusion Holdings, LLC
18 RxAmerica LLC
19 Engenuity
20 Creative Times Inc
21 Backcountry.com, Inc.
22 LatterDayBride
23 MediConnect Global, Inc.
24 Atlas Marketing Group, L.C.
25 Headwaters Incorporated
26 HealthCare Insight, LLC
27 Re-Bath of Utah
28 AtTask, Inc.
29 Overstock.com, Inc.
30 Specialized Health Products International, Inc.
31 Power Innovations International, Inc.
32 Universal Accounting Center
33 Best Vinyl, LLC
34 Spring Communications, Inc.
35 NovaRad Corporation
36 Precision Time, Inc.
37 VitalSmarts, LC
38 C.G. Sparks, L.C.
39 ProPay USA, Inc.
40 Extra Space Storage Inc.
41 EMAssist, Inc.
42 ServerPlus, LLC
43 Imergent, Inc.
44 Wing Enterprises, Incorporated
45 MedicineLodge, Inc.
46 Innovative Staffing Inc.
47 eReinsure.com, Inc.
48 Sportsman’s Warehouse, Inc.
49 Bright Builders, Inc.
50 KneeShorts Clothing Company
51 TheraDoc, Inc.
52 Silver Creek Development Group, LLC
53 Snap Lock Industries, Inc.
54 iBAHN Corporation
55 Chapman Thermal Products, Inc.
56 Classic Construction Services, Inc.
57 Supplemental Health Care, Inc.
58 Inovar, Inc.
59 SkyWest, Inc.
60 Huntsman Corporation
61 Riverwoods Mill, Inc.
62 DirectPointe
63 Wolf Peak International, Inc.
64 Name Tag, Inc.
65 BC Technical, Inc.
66 TrueNorthLogic
67 Body Firm Aerobics, Inc.
68 Symantec, Altiris business unit
69 Century Chemical, L.L.C.
70 Opticare of Utah
71 Rimrock Construction, LLC
72 Cardwell Distributing, Incorporated
73 Peterbilt of Utah, Inc.
74 Pioneer Oil and Gas
75 FatPipe Networks
76 J.M. Thomas Forest Products Company
77 Codale Electric Supply, Inc.
78 Bullfrog International, L.C.
79 US Synthetic Corporation
80 Cirrus Properties
81 Companion Systems Design and Manufacturing, Inc.
82 HRN Management Group
83 Career Step, LLC
84 GoEngineer, Inc.
85 FX Energy, Inc.
86 Gold Systems, Inc.
87 Digital Gateway, Inc.
88 Boart Longyear
89 Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Company, Inc.
90 The Intrepid Group, Inc
91 Okland Construction Company Inc.
92 Cooper Roberts Simonsen Associates, Inc.
93 Cafe Rio, Incorporated
94 Interior Construction Specialists, Inc.
95 USANA Health Sciences, Inc.
96 Broadcast International, Inc.
97 Ence Homes
98 UCN, Inc.
99 Western Star Construction, L.L.C.
100 Vortex, Inc.

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